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Quotes I joined sir`s classes in june..I was always afraid of chemistry. but since have joined sir`s classes I have gained confidence and learnt a lot from him. even in physics I have received a lot of help from him..He has helped me to improve a lot Quotes
Siddharth Singh
IIT Physics and Chemistry

Quotes Sidddharth Singh has qualified for IIT-JEE advanced stage Quotes
Siddharth Singh

Quotes I used to pretty much hate Physics and used to run away from it . Rahul Sir made that go away.He is a really nice teacher and explains the concepts really well.What I liked best with Rahul Sir is that he doesn't directly give you the solution , instead he helps you to think your way to it. He is really motivational and helps build up confidence. Best Physics Sir ever ! Quotes
Indira Doraivel
Physics for 11th and 12th

Quotes I had a lot of difficulties coping up with physics.But after classes with Rahul Sir, a lot of my doubts were resolved and my backlog was completed . Now I hardly face any difficulties in the subject. Quotes
Dhruv Pasad
IIT JEE Physics Advanced

Quotes Rahul sir helped me in clearing my physics concepts and doubts.He is a learned teacher who has got very good knowledge of physics Quotes
neet phy

Quotes HSC 12th Standard Physics appeared to be a huge challenge for me .Honestly,I was not sure if I could obtain passing marks However , a year of learning with Rahul sir and his relaxed approach made me confident and stress free.I not only passed, but also achieved a score to my satisfaction. Quotes

Quotes Sir your teaching was really amazing.You helped me a lot during studies and during my 11th and 12th physics.We used to laugh so much during my studies and I learned a lot from you spending those 2 years with you.Sir you are really an amazing teacher !!! Quotes
Ishan Mehtani

Quotes I met Rahul Sir last year. Till i met him my concepts in physics were not very strong and you can say that i was bad at physics. But after Rahul sir taught me, more than anything else i gained confidence in myself and learned that i was not that bad at the subject. My concepts became stronger and i could solve many problems with ease. I would like to thank him for teaching me and giving me all the support and confidence that he could. Quotes
Iit jee physics

Quotes I took up studying after 20 years of break. With it, hailing from a science stream created difficulties for me in understanding statistics. At this point, the person who helped me to overcome these obstacles was Mr. Rahul Rai, a senior software engineer from the prestigious VJTI Mumbai. I truly credit him for being a true mentor by helping me learn the importance of statistics and also the way to go about with theory and practical sums too in less than 15 days. Quotes
Daisy D'Souza
Statistics after 20 years with Rahul